Have you ever thought about having your special moment in a non traditional way. Forget the Church, Chapel or Registry Office how about a river or ocean cruise, a full 360° of blue sea and beautiful skies. This is a unique view you won’t find at any venue, or anywhere on land. There's nothing more unique than this. Choose to celebrate your special day with just the two of you, or together with family and friends, followed by a romantic reception package.

At sea, in a unique port or an exotic destination, excite your imagination with an unforgettable wedding and reception created by professionals who turn your special moments into lifetime memories. Cruise ship celebrations can be great value especially if your guests are paying for themselves.

We are in partnership with Amawaterways to provide customers with amazing experiences through Europe and other countries and to emerge in the fantastic scenery, with lots of activities to offer including push bikes which is on board the River Cruise Ships {excluding Portugal}.

Wedding Table Set

If you got married on land or elsewhere, you’ve got your new life ahead of you and the possibilities are simply endless. For what comes next, we recommend something fun, memorable and easy… like a honeymoon cruise!


Whether you want a Caribbean, Mediterranean, European or any other available cruise for your big day then look no further than Inspirational Travel Plus.  We would be delighted to have a consultation with you to discuss the where's, the wants and the how's with you. 

*Some at sea marriages are symbolic in nature and have no legal or binding effect.

*Some luxury venues require an additional per-person charge.

Exchanging Vows
At Sea